Using Augmented Reality (AR) to Provide Information Where You Need It, When You Need It!

Vision Solutions AR lets you use augmented reality elements to access information where you need it, when you need it, using the camera of your personal electronic device. We use your GPS coordinates to locate you when opening the app to customize the interface for each location, providing a custom look and feel for museums, homes, office spaces, pubs / restaurants, and retail stores. Our app uses augmented reality (AR) elements such as icons, 3D objects, and 3D avatars to link to supplemental information in the form of video, audio, text, and pictures to provide value-added information.
The app’s icon carousel provides a spot for information that is not affixed to a specific location in a space, such as facility hours and amenities, floor plans, and information on other local attractions. Web links can provide direct point of sale access to a location’s online store or to directly book other services.
Get inspired when visiting a museum or art gallery, vacationing in a rental property, selecting options in a model home, or managing information for your office or commercial facility. With easily configurable AR elements and icons, information can be accessed with the touch of a finger.
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For museums and cultural spaces our app replaces the traditional museum audio tour, using AR visual elements and linked information to enhance the visitor experience and provide supplemental information on existing displays. Museum Vision AR engages visitors with features that are fun and entertaining, using technology to engage visitors in new and exciting ways.
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A Comprehensive Concierge Platform for Rental Homes and Home for Sale

For vacation homes and homes for sale, Home Vision AR serves as a concierge platform for providing valuable rental or sales information. Whether you are using the app to learn about the features of a rental home or nearby amenities, to explore builder options in a model home, or to learn about the features of a home for sale, Home Vision AR is a valuable tool for imparting information on a home to a renter or prospective buyer.
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A Situational Awareness Tool for Facility Staff and First Responders

For industrial and high hazard spaces, Fire Vision AR provides a situational awareness platform for first responders and facility operators to enable critical information to be rapidly accessed during an emergency event. By imparting critical facility information in a timely manner, our app aims to reduce property losses and life safety risks associated with a wide range of events.


We would love to provide a product demonstration or discuss how Vision Solutions AR can benefit your business.